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Apartments to rent for students

"Elevate your house renting experience with our customized service built around international travelers.

Simply contact us, and you will be given much more than just a flat. You will find a Home."

The EIS Project

Apartment Rentals

Flat share for students

For Students, By Students

Housing Abroad

We provide you ONLY with apartments

that have previously been rented by

international students, making it:

High quality, easy to rent,

and trustworthy.

Housing Abroad

For Students, By Students

Every Single Apartment we have was suggested and brought to us by students with a positive experience, the highest satisfaction possible for our clients!


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Our Mission: Making Life abroad Easy
The EIS Project



The EIS Project is a reality created by students for students.


We were born and still keep our focus on providing the best service for an International traveler who is looking for a good quality stay in the best and most competitive European Cities!

We provide you with apartments that have previosly been rented by international students; High quality, easy to rent, and trustworthy. Making the EIS Project the best solution for you !

Find out much more in the section:

All our properties are student-friendly (as long as you’re clean, obviously), previously occupied by other students, and verified by The EIS Project.

Moreover, our fee is among the lowest around !


Rentals abroad for students