Are you on the brink of tears 69% of the time? Are you so stressed you laugh maniacally? Same. You’re in the right place! It’s our goal to provide students with the assistance and guidance we never received. It’s time to personalize your expat experience.


If you need help with anything and everything, if you feel so overwhelmed you don’t even know where to start, then this service is for you. We can help orient and organize your expat life. At EIS, we can do it all.


FREE MONEY! That's right, baby. Even better than a sugar daddy. Governments have student assistance and reimbursement programs. Yes, you can obtain money from the government of your host country. Allow us to get you one step closer to your first million.


If you’re even looking at this section, we are so sorry. We’ve been there. As we are not lawyers (yet), we can’t complete your visa application for you. However, we can help guide you, gather the necessary paperwork, and ensure you’re good to go.


Find singles in your area! Kidding, find the best student deals for public transportation in your city. Overwhelmed by choice and wanting to save money (obviously to spend it on food), allow us to investigate the best options for you.


Not even sure of where to start? Need help finding a flat? Want to make sure your dream rental is as amazing as the photos? We can do just that (and more). We've seen it all, take advantage and learn from our mistakes.

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