Chat with an expert about Financials


Chat About Financial Services with an Expert from The EIS Project and learn all you need to know about how to accrue money and save up on your spending as a student in 15 minutes.


Having Problems?

As a student you might have experienced a fast decreasing wallet, do you want to change this? Guyssss there is only one word to remember, MONEY!! Our team is basically working to get you free money, I repeat FREE MONEY. So just relax, take a coca-cola and wait until money arrives on your account. 

Chat for 15 minutes with a student that has done this before and learn all the tips and tricks of spending less than what you had originally budgeted! In our experience, it’s incredibly calming to run your process by a professional(ish) who helps you stay on track.  There’s a lot to manage.  We have repeatedly lived the nightmare, so you don’t have to.

So did you need Advice on Student Reimbursement?

Do you need some counselling on the best ways to cut back on spending? How to plan your spending? How to save up through discounts? How to get Student Reimbursements on your expenses?  We are here for that folks, just need to ask us to put on our business outfit! We’ve got your ass.

Key Points:

  • ‘- Virtual General Advice & Guidance on Student Reimbursement Assistance.
  • ‘- Quick overview of the documentation you may need 
  • ‘- Advice on the best stores that offer the highest cashback returns or discounts
  • ‘- A guide to student budgeting

Opportunities for Discounts applicable

The best part of our Starter Call on Financials is that you will receive a discount where applicable and a free brochure with all the details we will discuss and more. The aim of The EIS Project is to provide you with all the info you will need to know before moving into your new home, and render this process free of stress.

  • ‘- Free Brochure
  • ‘- If it’s your #FirstTime with us you are eligible for the 5% OFF Discount

3 reasons why YOU should purchase this service

  • ‘- It’s very Cheap advice on Financials and Student Reimbursements
  • ‘- It’s run by students so it’s a pass on Network
  • ‘- It’s a quick way to know everything you need to know about Financials and Student Reimbursements in a short span of time

Which page of the EIS Web site can you find more details about this service for free?

  • ‘- If you want to access free version information about Financials and Student Reimbursements all you need to do is follow our main menu, select the country and city you are planning to relocate in and then click on the tab Budgeting or Financials. 

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