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FREE MONEY!  That’s right, baby.  Even better than a sugar daddy.  Oftentimes, governments have student assistance and reimbursement programs.  What?!  Yes, you can obtain money from, yes, the government of your host country.  Allow us to get you one step closer to your first million.

  • CAF stands for ‘Caisse des Allocations Familiales’.  It’s a magnificently French form of financial support, which includes but is not limited to: support for young children, social security, and housing benefits.  CAF is particularly useful for foreign students renting flats in France, as part of the rent expense can be reimbursed!  Wow! 
    • Free money
    • Get money (back) from the French government (hell yeah)
    • Did we mention free money?
  • The EIS Project is a student-founded, student-run company.  Our mission is to make life abroad simple.  Unlike aloof study abroad departments and massive corporations, we provide a personalized touch to your expat experience.  It’s no secret that a large part of a good student life is making it affordable.  We deeply believe in helping students obtain financial assistance whenever possible.  You shouldn’t need a trust fund or Black Card to enjoy life abroad.  We are a passionate, international team ready to welcome you to the EIS community with open arms.
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