Bonn Rentals

Check yourself before you wreck yourself: these properties are agency-fee free, student-friendly (as long as you’re clean, obviously), and verified by The EIS Project. To maintain the highest standard of care and ensure all EIS students are treated with the utmost attention, we charge 25% of the first month’s rent as our fee.

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Accommodation Services: Not even sure of where to start? Need help finding a flat? Want to make sure your dream rental is as amazing as the photos? We can do just that (and more). We’ve seen it all, take advantage and learn from our mistakes.   Guidance Through the Rental Process If you’re struggling with your accommodation search, aren’t sure of which questions to ask, and/or feel lost, we can help.  As a growing team of international students, we’ve faced all the housing experiences one can imagine.  Schedule a meeting with us to talk through the process, the steps, and

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