How to Have a Productive Summer, Even During COVID

The world is going through a strange time. If you’re in a place where lockdown has been enforced and are wondering what to do, you are reading the right piece.​

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The world is going through a strange time.  If you’re in a place where lockdown has been enforced and are wondering what to do, you are reading the right piece.  First things first, it is every individual’s responsibility to play their part in breaking the chain.  So, the next time someone advises you to wash your hands, maintain social distance and wear a mask, do not hesitate.  It is for your own and loved ones’ well being.  On the flip side, you should also point out and correct someone if you find them not doing the right things to safeguard themselves, and others, to the best of their abilities, from this invisible enemy.

“You must have been exhausted by the never-ending online classes and exams.”

Now to the fun part.  You must have been exhausted by the never-ending online classes and exams.  To your delight (and ours), summer is here.  There’s no better time to learn something new.  Remember the good old days when you wanted to play the guitar and finally managed to buy one, all to keep it  in one corner, untouched?  Why not check out some tutorial videos online and learn to master it?  You never know where it can take you.  One fine day, you may impress someone special when out on a date with the guitar lessons you learn now.  If guitar isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.  You could learn the dance moves from your favourite songs or even try singing a few of your favourite songs.  Our generation is blessed with hassle free access to the internet, so make the best use of it. 

You might even be tired of having not gone to your favourite restaurant or café in a long while, which is why, it’s time to up your culinary skills.  Don’t wait for another chance to prepare your favourite dish, all by yourself, after having a look at the lip smacking recipe video.  You never know, once things return to normalcy and you invite friends to your place for a party and sleepover, you will be ready to prepare the best dish that you as a group can possibly have at home.  Soon, the same group will be back at university, so if you want to develop a new soft skill that would help you in studies or your professional career, now is not a bad time.  You can also teach your friend, in that process you are only going to further hone that skill.

If you are one of those who isn’t happy with your physique, now is the best time for you to come up with a fitness routine and slowly get in (or back in) shape.  It encompasses aerobics, cardio, yoga, meditation, strengthening, and more.  It’s important to do the exercises the right way, otherwise, you would not only find it difficult and tiring to repeat the sets, but also end up injuring yourself.  It’s possible to feel tired in the beginning, and if it is one of those lazy afternoons, why not pick up one of those old movies that you wanted to watch, back in the day, but never had the chance to?

You had that hobby back in the day, but lost touch due to the pressures of academics and other responsibilities, as you grew older, didn’t you?  Go and pick up that hobby you once loved and you would be surprised to see the rush of pleasant feelings.  You will feel rejuvenated.  Another way of feeling good is to call up an old friend and chat for as long as you want, about the memories shared.  In these difficult times, everyone needs a shoulder to lean on, and never mind lending your shoulder to your loved ones, especially if they are going through a rough phase.

I’m sure you have a bucket list of things you wanted, and still want, to set right.  Why wait, go ahead and clear them one by one, before you start adding new things into your bucket.

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